Podcast episode 5- The Pandemic, Missionaries and Kolkata

Connect with your inner self, feed your soul and eat more bananas. Listen to the latest episode of my humble podcast. Links to the topics of discussion, including videos are provided in the podcast description. To access it, click the (-) icon and go to the relevant podcast episode. Enjoy.

Ep.27 Christmas time! Next-level Nothing

I know I know, Christmas was about a month ago, but I got shit to do man! Give me a break fuck! Online splurging, bed wetting, dreams and reality, family time, Spiderman- No Way Home, Interstellar, Gravity — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/randomthoughtbeam/message
  1. Ep.27 Christmas time!
  2. Ep.26 Welcome to the Golden Jungle
  3. Ep.25 The Apartment Life Part 2
  4. Ep.24 Planned Obsolescence
  5. Ep. 23 The Devil Made Me Do It

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