There’s an article in the paper today about deepfakes. I am sure there’s a more technical term for it, but I think ‘deepfake’ is cool. I wish we could call people that. “That guy? Oh he’s a deepfake. Interesting fact about Johnny is that he is both a deep fake and a deepthroater”. It seems like the word emerged from a personality trait. Here’s a deepfake of Nick Offerman as Kate Winslet from the Titanic.

Creativity, truly knows no bounds. However, the article seems to focus more on the potential misuse of this technology, and it’s ability to disrupt peace. Think about the chaos that would ensue if people started using this tech on political/religious leaders. From what I hear, it has already begun. If you think about it, it is very easy to fool ignorant people with this stuff. Sure, the truth might come out after a while, but the damage would have been done by then. So what do we do about it? If technology gets so good at faking stuff, will there be counter-technology good enough to identify all the fake stuff out there? Are regulations and media literacy the only ways to stop the spread of deepfakes? We, as a society are still grappling with the menace brought on by fake-news. How are we going to deal with bigger threats like these?

Really what it all comes down to is that it is up to us. We need to stop the spread of harmful content by making a conscious decision to check for authenticity. Whenever you feel like sharing something, just think to yourself, “is this really true? is the source of this a reliable one? Or do I simply want this to be true? Or am I just bored?”. Pass everything through this simple filter, and we can save the world. Let’s join hands in the fight against fake pornography. Originality is king.

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