Do I do it?


Do I don’t?

Life choices: we’ve all gone through it. It is a difficult process. I wish I could do it like Two-face, with the flip of a coin. But I can’t. Because I, unlike Two-face, am real. I have to live with the consequences. I can’t buy a house and hide from maintenance. I can’t move to another country and not adapt to the new environment. I can’t join a course and hope to pass. I can’t marry a girl and…wait…now it’s getting way too comical. Anyway, I have a suggestion. Don’t let “fear” guide your decisions. When making any decision, you should lead with optimism and end with contemplation.

Anyway, I was talking about getting a midi keyboard the whole time. I don’t know what you were thinking of. If it’s something serious like getting a divorce or a car or a baby, you should probably seek advice from qualified professionals. Don’t mess it up. Never forget- Life is serious. Hail Deadpool.

On an unrelated note, last Tuesday, my neighbour finally admitted to being a time traveller. It happened after his daughter found porn from the 1950s hidden inside the “tax-documents drawer”.


Why is it important not to have ‘role models’?

Because they are people like you and me. Which means they fuck up too. Its important to follow only select qualities of people and not people as a whole. Because some people are assholes. For example, lets say you like an artist. You follow the artist on all social media. You literally wish to “be” them. All of a sudden, you hear that the artist paints beautiful pictures for a living and fucks kids during down time. What do you do then? Every picture the artist ever painted makes you nauseous now. But what if you disregard the person and focus just on the work?

How about fictional characters for role models? I don’t see anything wrong in that. Except they are not real.


Visit to the eye doctor

Had to go see the eye doctor today because I sprayed lead in my eye. Life is a mystery, guys. It just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Incase you didn’t know, I am a total social recluse who is working on improving myself. So every opportunity I get to socialise, I force myself to go for it. So I did the most logical thing and hit on two junior doctors at the hospital. Lets just say I got ‘special’ attention because of that. The doctor was really nice. After staring into my soul for a few minutes, she concluded that I had an infection. 

Now that I have disgraced myself, lets move on to the fun part of the story, the part where I make friends. After seeing the doctor I decided to explore that part of the city(this whole incident took place at Salt Lake, Kolkata). Now, I don’t often make friends during my travels because, you know, people are terrifying. But this time, I met some jovial characters that I couldn’t resist making friends with. They were so chill that they didn’t mind me taking pictures of them. In fact, they were happy to hear that I would be writing about them on my blog. Without further ado, here they are.



The “whoa there slow down” lion



The Grasshoppers

The “whoa there slow down” lion is the golden guardian of the roads. He is a funny guy who shouts funny things like, “If you are in a hurry, drive slower”, “your children would rather see you come home late than see you arrive in a casket”, “sex can wait, spinal cord surgeries cannot”. He was sad to say that out of all the defaulters, Lions club members were the worst. We took a selfie too but I can’t show that here due to legal reasons. Onto the next gang, the merry Grasshoppers. The Grasshoppers are a funk/jazz fusion band. They were on tour. It surprised me to see that they didn’t have a drummer. No offence, they sounded great without one. They explained how the drummer had problems with drug abuse. They said he was particularly fond of something called “grass”, which was pretty ironic because all of them seemed to be made out of … you know… grass.

I need help.




Big announcement

This is probably the biggest announcement made since the Apollo mission. I hope I don’t break the internet.

Curiosity joins Reddit

Curiosity gets E-mail

Curiosity joins Twitter

Not anymore because Curiosity saw family members appear in list of suggested friends despite creating anonymous account. Fuck the internet.

So stop wasting time and start sending in the nudes.