Do you know what it feels like to sit at home all alone while the rest of the world is outside having fun? It feels surprisingly good! I should do this more often. Only problem is that I have begun to talk to the computer. Not to Cortana or Siri. Just to the screen. 

I should stop using overly dramatic post titles.


  1. Hi there. I call it ‘Hermiting’ and retreating to the Batcave and there ain’t no shame in it. In fact, I find the batcave is remarkably portable, and I carry it with me into the outside world and wear it like a helmet. It can be taken off when needed 😀 Everybody has their own normal.

    Thanks for coming by and reading. WordPress frequently sends follow-gatherers into one’s blog (wasn’t like that way back when I started blogging in 2007 ish) who don’t really engage with their own blogs nor the ones they pop into to ‘like’. So it’s a pleasure to read a real blog and find that a real blogger has come across mine.

    Excuse me, as I browse through your posts.


    1. 2007 huh? Wow. I didn’t hate people so much back then.
      I’m afraid I fall into the category of unengaging wannabees. Can’t help it as I am a big fan of the portable batcave.
      Jokes aside, thank you for doing this. You are awesome.


  2. What’s the connection between hating people and blogging? Most people don’t blog because they hate people 😀

    By engagement, I meant using a blog as a space to write and express as opposed to creating social media content to increase one’s followers. It’s weird when people with blogs on, say, weightlifting, pop over to one’s completely unrelated blog and follow or like and you know they are doing it not because anything on your blog resonates with them, but because they want you to like and follow back, to increase the number of their own followers. And that galls me.

    I enjoyed the posts!


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