I joined a group

It’s people from all over the world, they come together through the magic of the Zoom Zoom, and they talk. You get to do two things, talk and listen. Say everything you want to say, and once you are done, it’s your turn to listen. You can talk about literally anything under the sun, and people will listen. They will not however, give their opinions on what your said. Instead, they reflect. I don’t how the fuck that’s different, but it is. If you don’t have anything to talk about, they will give you a topic that was chosen for that day. Obviously there are rules when it comes to confidentiality. What happens in the group stays in the group, or so they say. This is all free by the way, the same way Facebook is free. Maybe I am the product. Who knows? So far it hasn’t done a lot for me. All it has done is give me a sense of community. Beyond that it’s mostly me going “don’t say that. That’s inappropriate. They’ll feel bad. I’ll look bad” to myself. I like it when people do things that have no hidden agenda or ulterior motives, but somewhere along the way the agenda always comes out. Religion is usually the go-to. Either that or they want you to bring in more people. Either way, it sucks. Fortunately, this group has been different. Although talks of God come in from time to time, nothing is imposed. People are free to express themselves. The best part, there are no ties to the people of the group once you’re done with the session. You don’t have to catch up, hang out, suck each others dicks, nothing.

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