The swag

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am getting fancier. I have a credit card now. I go to airport lounges. I sip coffee. I eat white chocolate. I read the paper. I belittle colleagues. It’s been a great journey, and I never could have done it without you, my blog. The inner narcissist in me has had an awakening. I don’t answer texts right away. Sometimes I type just so that the other person sees the wavy dots thing, then I close it. This type of growth has been exciting to experience. Even my phone has developed a habit of rejecting calls by itself. So when I pull it out of my pocket, I think it touches the pocket and does a swipe by itself. It’s amazing. Also Puja is around the corner. It’s time to dress well and not look at people’s faces.



  1. Looks like the blogosphere is been a great influence! 😂
    And one day, instead of rejecting, your pocket is going to accept a call…. and it’ll be someone you’d have never answered otherwise. Carma is a bitch like that.


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