Mean stage

When someone performs on stage in front of people, they really are putting themselves out there. Open to question, open to praise or even abuse. 

What makes someone want to perform in front of people? (This is coming from someone who is terrified of general social interactions. So forgive me if my analysis is a little skewed. Wait…I just remembered. I don’t give a shit what you think).

  • To get attention
  • To make money
  • To raise money for a cause
  • To have a good time
  • To make people happy
  • To show off
  • To get feedback
  • To teach
  • To spread joy

There’s so much more and I just realised that I don’t want to talk about all of them. So I am just going to stick to one. ‘Feedback’. Why talk about feedback? Well, I was at a solo instrumental competition the other day and I saw the soul get sucked out of the participants.


Mean Stage

So what exactly caused the soul to exit the participants bodies?

It had nothing to do with the audience. There was a panel of three judges who basically wrecked the musical careers of some young people. The way I see it, when someone goes on stage for the first time in their life, in a way they are walking onto a platform, butt-naked. They are frightened, they don’t know what to do. All they want is to play their part and get the fuck out of there. If possible, get some feedback too. If they are lucky enough, they get what they want. But in some cases this shit happens. The judge feels a sense of responsibility to single handedly humiliate the first-timer in front of the whole crowd. To make it even worse, the other two idiots( also students of his) partake in making jokes while the participants are performing.

‘Constructive criticism’. Doesn’t that word actually sound good?  It feels good just to say it. ‘Constructive criticism’. Everyone wants it. Everyone needs it. It is the best thing you can give someone. Yet this ass-wipe judge felt the need to scar the vulnerable new-comer for his entire fucking life. The worst part is that this judge is an accomplished professional musician. I don’t understand how can one be so foolish. What kind of a person takes pride in shutting someone down? Is he trying to show off his judging skills? Has he forgotten his roots? Has he gone insane?





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