I have a dream, a simple, stellar dream. I want to make music. I want to see people feel happy when they listen to my music. Unfortunately, I do not have the talent to realize this dream on my own. I need a team. In the words of the great Deadpool, “a super dooper fucking group”. I’ve been trying to put together a team for the past one month. After several auditions, I finally got a bass player and lead guitar player. I explained my dream to them. I narrated it like Morgan Freeman. I put forth the idea like Steve Jobs. I did everything I could. Yet those fuckers want to pursue a more “people-friendly genre” rather than taking a chance with me. So now, I travel for an hour every weekend, play drums to fuckin “Foo Fighters” at a recording studio, come back home and eat till the depression fades away(Domino’s wins again). To top it all off, my date yesterday went horribly wrong when she suddenly decided to grab my hand for some reason. I freaked. Everything went downhill from there. Life is fucking great guys!

I met a family who lives inside the studio’s premises. Weird. Here they are:




It’s Friday again. How is that possible? So soon?

You know how sometimes, everything around you magically aligns to make your day perfect? That shit rarely happens to me. It didn’t happen today either. It was more of a “meh” day for me with work, lead guitar player audition and Deadpool 2. Here’s a little taste of the guitar player audition. It was horrible.



The year is 2000. I’m siting on the floor, watching my sister watch MTV. I look at her face. There’s no reaction. I look at the TV. I see the MTV  logo with the big, orange “M” flash on the screen. Then I see a backstreet boys dance to “backstreet’s back”. Sister and I begin to jump around and dance. Good times. 

Fast forward to today. I am at the gym, being careful not to make eye contact with anyone for fear of “conversation”. VH1 is playing on the TV. A Bruno Mars song is playing. Suddenly, the song ends and a weird show begins. In this show, they basically talk about celebrities.

  1. Who’s dating who
  2. Who just got a divorce
  3. Who just got pregnant
  4. What do you think Meghan Markle should wear to the “big event”?

And I thought to myself, “holy shit!. I miss TV!”. Just kidding. It just made me happier about not having cable TV at home. Don’t get me wrong. They still play great music! It’s the other parts that I don’t get.

Hunt for the guitar hero begins

The epic quest to find the ultimate guitar god began yesterday. Over the weekend, I made a few calls to a few musician-friends to get some advice on how to go about this whole ‘starting a band’ thing. I got the best advice from a very good friend I met at a guitar-solo competition (read about it here) a while ago. He said, “if you have a clear idea of what exactly you want to do, then you don’t have to be afraid to do it by yourself. You might have to put some time, energy and money into it. But at the end you’ll know if you are on the right track. So if you can’t find people to play ‘with’ you, find people who can play ‘for’ you. Eventually, things will pan out and you’ll meet the right people along the way”. Kids, this is why you need to have friends.

So on Monday, after work, I took a bus to meet up with a friend who I met at a concert a while ago. Dude’s a videographer. I know. Not a guitarist. But I thought he could give me some tips. AND HE DID!!! This is what I learned from the long interaction I had with him. It’s one thing to have the ability to explain your idea to others and create enthusiasm and excite them (like that part in the movie Jobs, where Steve Jobs convinces the CEO of Pepsi to join his company. But it’s a whole other thing to actually show them some of your creations. And believe me when I tell you this. It creates a lasting impression on the person when you actually, physically show them what you are capable of. I realized this when the videographer showed me some of his work. I mean, he hadn’t done a lot of shoots or anything, but the clip he showed me was enough to give me an idea of what he was capable of. I understood that he’s not a big fan of the traditional music-video- camerawork(I am of the same mind-set). So an idea came up and I said, “maybe we should work together on a percussion-based project”. Boom! magic! So basically we talked and talked and talked while his girlfriend kept calling him mercilessly. At the end of the day, it went well. We spent about two hours eating the worst French fries in the world and talking about music, artists, video, cameras, dolly tracks, all that good stuff. So I can safely conclude by saying that yesterday was a success. I dunno. I feel like somewhere along the way I’ll be able to make use of this person’s skills.



winner of 2018 high definition picture award


Death of a dream

This is going to be a very negative one. So skedaddle outta here if you don’t want to ruin your day.

A few months ago, I got to live my dream of playing in a professional rock band. Initially it started out great. I was overwhelmed by the amount of talent in the band. People from different walks of life came together to make music.


There was a finance analyst, a school teacher, a videographer, an audio engineer and myself. It was amazing to see how each member of the band added their own personal touch to the music. It was like, there was a little bit of each of our personality in every song. I was enjoying every second of it. The band and their friends were like family to me. More importantly, I could be me for a change. I didn’t have to put on a mask to be socially acceptable anymore. I was free to be my weird self. All that was until today when I got a call saying, the band was dis-banding due to scheduling issues. My heart broke. I’ll be honest. The last time I felt this bad was when I got dumped! I was carrying groceries when I got the news. I felt like throwing it onto the ground and screaming. My dream had faded away. 


So that happened. But now, it feels like a wake-up call. Maybe I have to do it myself. Get together a group of musicians with similar interests and make magic happen. But for that, I need to find people with that special spark, that light of creativity and willingness to consider someone else’s opinion. It will be hard but I will not give up. I will rise from the rubble. I will not fade away. Wait a minute…this is turning into a gladiator speech. Besides, I’ve got bigger life-problems to deal with. Like, the light in my bathroom is too bright. It hurts my eyes.



Kids, listen to Beethoven

What is the oldest recording you’ve heard? A speech? Classical music? Beethoven? Chopin? Random farts? I read on the internet that the oldest recording was made in 1878 by Thomas Edison using the Phonograph (didn’t even support Dolby ATMOS. No wonder it didn’t hold up). What intrigues me about old music is that it is complex and simple at the same time. Be it Western Classical, Eastern, Southern, all directions! I personally know a lot of people who have refined their musical interests to such great extents that they have ended up going back to classical music. For most of my friends, it usually goes like this:

Heavy metal
Death metal(sometimes)


Sounds familiar? I wouldn’t say I grew up listening to classical music, but when I was a kid, my dad got a CD player. It came with two CDs- Abba and a collection of classical music. Man…those two CDs played 24/7 in the house. And thank god it was those two CDs! I am thankful to my mama and papa for giving me the best childhood ever. But then, as I grew older, I lost interest in classical music. I was into Michael Jackson, Deep forest, Safri Duo. Then came the rock phase with Deep Purple, Van Halen, Rainbow, Dream Theatre, etc. Now it is a bit more refined into alternative/progressive rock. However, every now and then, when I hear classical music, I feel that pull. Like its calling me. I feel the calling to go back and work more with that style of music. Its like, all my ideas stem from classical music. Weird. Is this happening to me because I listened to it on repeat during my childhood? I understand that this genre of music is very complex and basic at the same time. But what makes people go back to it? Is it because all music has evolved from old music(or as I call it, root music)?
Speaking of old recordings, here is a 15 year old recording of one of the most influential drummers of all time.

Just kidding. Its just me. I made it yesterday with the hopes of becoming world famous some day. Head on over to Sound cloud and check out my ginormous collection of three tracks. Feel free to make a donation(not to my sound cloud account, but to some charity). There are people who were not as lucky as you and me. Plus, I don’t think you can donate money via Sound cloud. Just give the money to someone in need. Or do something nice alright? Help someone out.