Don’t fight the depression

If you suffer from depression, and you feel like it’s a part of who you are, then there’s no point fighting it. There’s no point avoiding it either. You should work with it. Realize that there’s nothing wrong in treating it. I treat mine with intense workouts, forced-socialising and KFC.


As you might have guessed, it’s best if you stop reading my blog right now. The amount of unqualified advice I give, frightens me.


Three days

Three days is not a long time if you think about it

But three days is what I’ve been through

Three days, I cannot forget

Three days, they haunt me, they keep me awake at night

Like a weight on my chest, three days pull me down

Three days, I wept without hope

Three days, I could not cope

Three days is a nightmare, get it out of my head

Three days is what made me fall

Three days is all it takes to loose it all

The inspiration for writing this poem came from loosing internet connectivity for three days.  Tragic events like these tend to pull us down heavily. But it is our job to pull ourselves back up.  For more poems based on loss and depression checkout, “Goodbye, Xbox” and “HR dept., a house of lies” by Curiosity. 

*The author shall not be held responsible for trauma/heartache

The awesome single life


This meal was consumed in one sitting, at my glorious bachelor pad, while watching a YouTube video on how to design airport runways. Some people might say that I’ve hit a new low, but I beg to differ. It depends on how you look at it. For example, if you completely avoid looking at the screen and listen to this amazing piece I recorded the other day, you would say I’m a success.

On the other hand, if you prefer to judge people based on their eating habits, you my friend, have hit a new low.

Building stars

I feel like depression is turning me into a poet. I feel like there’s something super-poetic about the fact that we humans are building stars here on Earth. Let me explain. “Building stars” is the new hit TV show on planet Earth. Just kidding. We humans are on a never ending path in search of power/energy. We’ve tried everything from fossils, wind, sun and water to shit, literal shit. But we’re not there yet because the demand is also never ending. Since the demand for energy is sure to see a steady rise in the future, and is also sure to bring monetary gains to people who work in the field of power generation, there is a lot of push to discover more efficient sources of power. Who wouldn’t want to invest in something that is sure to bring guaranteed returns?(insert stock market joke) One such source is a star, a.k.a., nuclear fusion energy. Now, building a star here on Earth is, as one would imagine, not that easy(K-pop groups know what I’m talking about). You need to secure the funding, buy the land, pay the nerds, but most importantly, develop the technology! Then it has to be made available to the public. People who have already setup nuclear fusion labs say it’ll happen in the next 30-40 years. Since I have no hopes of crossing 60, I will continue to burn fuel and pollute my dear environment.


The tiny dots in the sky can power your Xbox. Who knew?

Arthur Eddington knew

In the 1920’s.




Poverty, depression and rain. What do they all have in common? That’s right. Nothing. So there’s no use trying to get all philosophical. A better idea would be to start to fix things using the power of reason. Having said that, I love to look out my poverty-stricken window when it rains. It calms me. I feel happy when it rains. It’s like meditation without the bullshit. All the other noise is masked by the sound of rain drops. Somehow, the sound of farts still make it through to the ears, loud and clear.

Stranger in Moscow is a great song.


The Greenland shark

Greenland sharks are the oldest known living vertebrates. Back in 2016, researchers found a Greenland shark who’s age was an estimated 400 years. I know this isn’t very exciting news for us common folk, but imagine 400 years for a second. How old do you think that is? Let me help you get a picture.  

This shark was alive when the Ming dynasty ended. I want you to think about that fact for a moment. Just think about it. How absurd does that sound? 

This shark was alive when the United Kingdom was formed.

This shark was lurking beneath the ocean when the Taj Mahal was being built. 

Holy fuck