I wonder

We are able to speak to each other just because there is air in our atmosphere (sound requires a medium to propagate). If there was no air, how do you think we would communicate? Of course, sign language would be the answer but what if we advanced  from it just like we advanced from uttering simple sounds to making up sentences? What if we could just look at someone’s face and totally understand what they were saying?

Did Robin Williams’s brain operate at a higher speed than the average person?

Do the laws we make affect the way we evolve as a society?


Why does the sight of tangled earphone-wires and damaged speakers irritate me?

Why did McDonald’s choose a clown? Why does IT seem creepy now?

Why are unlimited data and unlimited refills more popular words than unlimited access and unlimited entry?

Why does my room mate keep this picture in the living room?


Out of all the other pictures, why this one?


Why do we want to believe rumours and spread them when the internet can be used for fact-checking?

Why was Michael Jackson so strange?

Why does the colour-scheme of a movie affect its tone?

Why do people like to watch other people react to the stuff they like?(YouTube react videos)

Why is dog food expensive?

Why do people want to be afraid of technology?

Why don’t I have social skills?

Why are a few scientists concerned about the stability of the universe?

Why do people like to make fun of politicians? Why do politicians like to make fun of other politicians? Why are we not interested in politics? 

Why do we like it when movies reference other movies?


Why does going to the beach help me think better?

Why do my blog’s views go up when I include pictures in my posts?

Why do detectives look for patterns?

Why was Tom and Jerry fun back then and violent now?

Why do people pray?


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