Mountains of myth

In the year 1960, Bhanu Banerjee went on an expedition to Nepal to find the Yeti.

Now, you don’t expect to hear shit like this on a Saturday afternoon in Kolkata, when you’re wandering about, trying to avoid falling into a fun spiral of depression. So, Mr.Banerjee seemed like he was full of life. Though I envy such people, I’m not actually dead inside myself, yet. I like hearing stories. Especially ones where old people go, “it cost me so little to travel all the way across the country”, or ” back in my day a TV set cost less than a Blu-ray”, or “in those days, we raw-dogged em like real men”, you get it, stuff like that, maybe not the last one. But here was a man who climbed a mountain in search of something that has now become so relevant in pop culture, that it has had several cameos in movies. And by the way, he was accompanied by another adventure seeker, named Edmund Hillary, you know, the guy, he’s famous right? Spoiler alert: they never found one, instead debunked a lot of myths.