Zoo complaints

Today I left the house, went to the zoo, watched a movie, ate a burger, good times. Being around people really brings out the hate in me. I write this blog, I write about how I feel lonely all the time, and how I try to fix things, and I question myself, why do I not like to hangout with people? And then I go to the zoo, and immediately I go,”oh! this is why”. I won’t get into details but I saw a dude today, I kid you not, pushed people away to get to the lion’s cage, spit into the cage, and then left before the lion showed up. I’m sure on a scale of bad behavior at the zoo, this might only be a 2, but I wonder man! The animals outside the cage are no different from those inside. I’m done complaining for today. On to the animals. I find it interesting that biologists name these animals like, ‘the common marmoset’, like you see them on the road, on the way to work every day. Also, were anacondas this famous before the movie came out? I have a love/hate relationship with zoos. I hate that the animals are caged. I hate that they are not in their natural habitat, but they are there, and I love looking at them. That being said, if I ever get to vote against the building of caged zoos, hell yes.

Time to PPP arty! Or not

It’s the weekend. This is that part of the week where normal people do normal stuff. You know… go out, meet friends, relax, maybe go on a trip, a weekend getaway, spend time with their family/girlfriend/boyfriend, maybe do something completely opposite like be creative, learn something new, or host an event, work for charity, make someone happy, etc. By now you probably know where this post is going. This post is going to be about how boring my Saturday was and how even more boring my Sunday is going to be. So do yourself a favour and read something else. 

To be honest I never expected my weekend to be so boring. It was supposed to be: Super-creative day at work till 3, jam session with the band from 4 to 6, drum practice from 7 to 8 and roam around the city for the rest of the night, maybe get a nice Kebab dinner. What ended up happening was: 

All productivity lost

YouTube, Netflix and Subway won. For a moment it looked like Dominos was going to win but thanks to a minimum order requirement, Subway made the cut. All is not lost, is what I am trying to say. So this is what happened…

I got out of work, eager to start working on some sweet hard rock music when I got two texts. One was from the fucking vocalist who all of a sudden decided he has to move to a new place. The other was from the jam-pad saying the drums were being taken out for repairs. It was like being kicked on both the balls. So I stood there, at the intersection, clueless on what to do next. I couldn’t go home because that would make me go crazy. So I did one of those slow-motion, stranger-in-Moscow style walks while contemplating the meaning of life. Then I sat down on a bench and watched busy people go about their day for a whole two hours. It was like that scene in Men in Black where Will Smith gets offered the job of a lifetime and sits down on a bench on the sidewalk deciding whether to go for the interview or not. Well, mine was a little different. I already had the job(fuck yeah). All I needed was some peace of mind. I never realised that observing people was so therapeutic! In that short amount of time I watched the orange sun go down slowly, people rush out of a temple, a woman beat the crap out of her boyfriend, a kid fall into a sewer and a customer mercilessly swear at a Vodafone store employee. Then I went home and ordered food from Subway. That’s how Subway won the healthy food race.