The year is 2000. I’m siting on the floor, watching my sister watch MTV. I look at her face. There’s no reaction. I look at the TV. I see the MTV  logo with the big, orange “M” flash on the screen. Then I see a backstreet boys dance to “backstreet’s back”. Sister and I begin to jump around and dance. Good times. 

Fast forward to today. I am at the gym, being careful not to make eye contact with anyone for fear of “conversation”. VH1 is playing on the TV. A Bruno Mars song is playing. Suddenly, the song ends and a weird show begins. In this show, they basically talk about celebrities.

  1. Who’s dating who
  2. Who just got a divorce
  3. Who just got pregnant
  4. What do you think Meghan Markle should wear to the “big event”?

And I thought to myself, “holy shit!. I miss TV!”. Just kidding. It just made me happier about not having cable TV at home. Don’t get me wrong. They still play great music! It’s the other parts that I don’t get.