Trying and failing

I am dangerously immature for my age. I call it ‘dangerous’ because I know this is what is keeping me from achieving my dreams and goals. Wait a minute…I don’t have any goals. Dreams and goals sound good together though. Anyway, my point is…take today for example. My psychologist recommended taking a vacation. She said it would help with my depression. So I went to a tiger reserve. I knew it’ll be tricky to get to this place by myself, so I had to travel with a group. Though everything went well on the first day, the second day was so off putting, that I felt like coming back home. I just felt so out of place. I never feel this way when I travel alone, and in fact I talked about this to one of the people in the group, and naturally, they felt offended!

Update: Mere minutes after I finished posting this, I had a vision of my boat sinking in the river surrounding the reserve, and then I got attacked by a crocodile.

Vacation comes to an end

Don’t you just hate it when a perfect vacation comes to an end? It feels like all the happiness you gained in a few days gets taken away in just one day!

I went home to visit my family. I got 10 days of pure happiness with friends and family. I also travelled a bit .Sadly, all of it has come to an end and I am now back in my miserable bachelor pad far, far away from home. There is no place like home.

Well, its not as bad as going back to school! Damn! I hated school! All I have to do now is work hard. This is what I’ve been telling myself ever since I got back-“It doesn’t matter if you are alone. You have a great job. You can work harder and get a better job, visit amazing places and get a better life”.