How to gain more followers on Twitter

Depending on what route you are willing to take, there are two ways to do it. The slow route is, you tweet relevant, interesting content. People say ‘be yourself’ alot. I think that’s bull shit. I would say, be yourself, but watch and learn from others, and develop your own unique way of delivering content. That’s the slow route. The fast route is, tweet something horrible, like really horrible. Maybe you have to learn to say something horrible, but some people are just born with that gift. So say something so horrible that it upsets 90% of the human population, and pick a war with someone famous on Twitter(remember to tag them). Then you do a whole bit where you undergo a self-introspection phase, and then you achieve enlightenment or whatever. The rest will be a walk in the park.  It might even get you a movie deal, or a book deal at the least. Don’t believe me? Check out my massive following:



He got the joke!

I watched an amazing documentary about rock climbing called Free Solo yesterday. After I got back home, I made a joke about the movie on Twitter. I saw that someone liked my Tweet today. It was my first like ever. Turns out, the person who liked my tweet was involved in making the movie. Too bad my Twitter, like this blog, is anonymous.