Slow movies and the big picture

I’m now watching a movie called What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?. What a beautiful name isn’t it? It’s a nightmare of a movie. It really is. For me, that is. To any normal person, it’s just a romantic drama. To me it isn’t. To me, it’s a ticking time bomb.

When I was a kid I used to love movies that took their time to explain everything, the feelings, the landscape, etc. But now, I start to loose it when two people kiss for too long, or a 5 minute shot of a girl walking by under the street light. It’s like, get on with it man! I’ve got shit to do! My patience is so low that it morphs into anxiety and then it’s hell. So anyway, this movie is a prime example of that. The director really spends a lot of time on in showcasing all the minute details. And I’m happy for those directors who have the luxury to do that. But the problem is there’s so much detail, that you forget whats going on with the story. It’s like when I read the Godfather back when I was in college. Took me three years to finish the damn thing. By the end I didn’t know who the fuck was Sonny or Freddy. So what I am trying to say is, I’ve lost the ability to enjoy a long movie. It’s like a superpower has been lifted. Imagine that being a superpower. There’s Iron man , Thor and me who watches long movies. Speaking of the MCU, guess who just signed a contract to make their own Universe? COVID. I read an article on the Hindu that gave a glimpse of the bigger picture. It was like watching Kevin Feige unveil his master plan.

Basically, COVID-19 is like the Black Panther of the MCU. Then there’s the Avengers, The Eternals, The X-men, all kinds of stuff. Remember when Quick Silver appeared in the Avengers? That’s a ‘Zootonic Spillover’. Now they’re saying more and more of the X-men are going to appear alongside the Avengers, which is madness right? A Multiverse of Madness perhaps? (God, I’m so good). Remember how powerful Thanos was? That guy could grind pepper with his chin. And he was purple. Don’t even get me started on the DCEU.

Best things I’ve heard this week

“Sometimes people put a little salt in their ice cream, you know, or a little bit of ketchup in their lemonade. This is stuff that people do to enhance the different flavours.”

-Conan O’Brien

“An almost indispensable skill for any creative person is the ability to pose the right questions. Creative people identify promising, exciting, and, most important, accessible routes to progress – and eventually formulate the questions correctly.”

-Lisa Randall

“Cactuses have thorns because nature doesn’t give a fuck.”


If anyone wants to correct me by saying, “it’s Cacti, not cactuses”, feel free. I will send you my address. I am ready to fight you. I’ve been training. Wait, I’m sorry, I forgot. I thought this was reddit. The level of rage is so much different there.

The idiot box?


Look into my eyes! Worship me!

The idiot box. That’s what they called the TV when it started to ruin people’s lives. They believed that it created dumb people. Maybe in some cases it did. I always thought of the TV as a doorway, a medium of communication that transcended all boundaries. There is no denying the fact that it helped spread knowledge. It might have been biased knowledge but still it did something. It invoked curiosity in people. I don’t know if TV was the result of evolution or if the TV affected evolution in some way. I know for sure that it has affected people’s lives. It has tremendously affected mine.

Having said all this, I have to acknowledge the fact that I don’t watch TV anymore. In fact I kind of hate cable. I am very happy with the internet. I get to watch, listen, read whatever I want, whenever I want. Here’s the problem- sometimes it sucks.

I read a magazine the other day. I hadn’t read any print magazine for a very long time. As I read it I thought to myself,” Everything here is very well thought out, neatly laid out and properly researched. This is frikkin great!”. I don’t get the same feeling when I read about something on the internet. The search results are tailored to satisfy me. The results I get are the ones that I want. Not the ones that I need. We’ve all internet-diagnosed ourselves with cancer at some point in life. However, it depends on how much I am willing to delve into the research. There is no hiding from the truth after all. I am also curious about radio. There is something cool about the randomness. There is something cool about the presentation, the radio edits, etc. I sure as hell don’t miss buying cassettes and CDs. It was a whole different experience though.

I think there is something strange about the way people take in information depending upon how it is presented. The other day, I saw an ad for an app. It said,” Don’t like reading the long boring news articles? Well now you can read every top story in 60 words or less!”. What the fuck has the world come to?