While coming back in the train, with my toe resting against someone’s dick-tip, I decided to post things that went through my head while making the climb.

I see the idiots with the selfie sticks
I hear the sound of other people having fun, and I hate it, but I am genuinely happy for them, though I wish they experienced selfie-stick-related accidents.
It’s all about technique. It’s true what they say in Free Solo. It’s about stepping on the right part of the right stone, holding on to the right things, meticulously calculating steps, and reminding yourself that this is going to be worth it, somehow.

Always go for minimum effort. Don’t waste energy by trying to reach for high rocks in one go. Find an alternative path that can get you there with minimal effort. By making carefully calculated decisions you can travel longer distances with less amount of energy

If I die here, how long will it take for authorities to find me? One day?

I reached the top. I hear Bollywood music.

.Everyone wants to be on top, including the people who likes to climb hills.





Inspiration to write

You know when’s the best time to write? When you’re drunk and you don’t care about spelling, well, unless autocorrect is tuned on. Creativity just flows like molten lava. Also, it really helps if your dog died. Then you get that extra boost/pressure to write. I call it depressure. Get it? depression+pressure? Anyway, I think I’ll go back to staring at the wall now. Oh almost forgot! I climbed a hill last weekend. Here’s a picture.



Kolakham, West Bengal


Have a good weekend!

Into the wilderness I go

The reason why I used “wilderness” in the title is not because I trekked through a forest but because I trekked through a forest accompanied by three other human beings, which I normally don’t do. The super-introvert in me could never do such a thing but I did it just to see what it would be like and here’s what I’ve learned.

I’ve heard people say ,”you have to travel with people to really get to know them”. I agree with this. However I really think that you need to get to know people if you really need to get to know them. There’s no easy way to do it. So when I went trekking with a friend, her friend and a local, I learned the real reason why we humans are still classified as “animals” rather than something upper-class like “the engineers” or “centurions” 🙂 .