time travel

I haven’t had a face-to-face interaction with another human being since Monday. One would assume that a loner would be better equipped to handle isolation. Though baseless, that assumption is valid to an extent. I still do not have the urge to go talk to another human being, but I feel something is amiss. I miss the outside. I know it is perfectly fine to take a stroll through the neighbourhood, or just go up to the roof, but I just stay indoors. I read, I think, I write music, I work.

I’ve been reading A Brief History of Time and simultaneously watching the show, Dark. Let me tell you this, if you thought watching documentaries like Pandemic, or Chernobyl during the quarantine is a bad idea, think again.

To quote the great thinker Bo Burnham, Is there anything better than pussy? Yes, a really good book.

Old beer


These sculptures were built by people before me, at a different time, at a different place. They thought differently, they ate differently, they fucked differently, or maybe they didn’t. Did they build these sculptures out of devotion? Or did they build it for money? What did they do with the money? What did they do to relax? What was their life like? How did they live without a phone? How did they order food? If I went back in time and met them, will they accept me into their society? Or will I remain a recluse there too? Did people suffer from depression back then? What did they do to cope? How did they deal with death? Was it just a funeral, and then move on? What was friendship like? If I made them listen to Megadeth, will they stone me to death? How about Deep Purple? Everyone likes Deep Purple! Will they dance to Deep Purple? Will they like a burger? How about ice cream? Movies? Will I fuck up their mind? Tinder? How about Tinder? What if I show them pictures of outer space? Will they teach me something I don’t know? Like, how to read people’s body language? I would love to get a beer with someone from prehistoric times.