Into the wilderness I go

The reason why I used “wilderness” in the title is not because I trekked through a forest but because I trekked through a forest accompanied by three other human beings, which I normally don’t do. The super-introvert in me could never do such a thing but I did it just to see what it would be like and here’s what I’ve learned.

I’ve heard people say ,”you have to travel with people to really get to know them”. I agree with this. However I really think that you need to get to know people if you really need to get to know them. There’s no easy way to do it. So when I went trekking with a friend, her friend and a local, I learned the real reason why we humans are still classified as “animals” rather than something upper-class like “the engineers” or “centurions” ūüôā .¬†


Best things I’ve heard this week

  1. “Most people who work here are arrogant, unqualified, greedy bastards. Including myself. “- A colleague
  2. “Women who dress like men give birth to transgenders” – professor who holds a doctorate in microbiology. He faces blacklisting by the government(though that does not solve the main problem).
  3. “You have to listen to me very carefully. We don’t have much time. I need you to focus on your posture. If you don’t, it will throw you off balance”- 6 year old nephew teaching me Karate over skype.

Good times

2018 is here! So many things to look forward to! Michael Bay has confirmed 14 more Transformers movies! Why?

Here are the highlights of the adventure that was 2017(highlights of my life. I don’t give a shit about others but feel free to comment!)

I have friends now. Real people. No bullshit, down-to-earth human beings who have a good sense of humour.

I don’t freak out at social events.

I have stopped talking to my sister. It’s my fault.

I have started talking to my mother. She seems like a very nice person. For now.

Discovered that my worst fear is not ‘Valak’ from the Conjuring, but unfaithfulness. This was confirmed after watching ‘The Entire History of You’.

Put a check on my YouTube addiction. Its great but it was consuming a huge chunk of my life. I used to be dependent on YouTube the same way people are dependent on Uber on New Years eve.

Stopped talking to colleagues. Working on it.

Got my own place. Its so empty that farts sound like a Gregorian church choir.

Joined a band. I don’t feel like an orphan anymore.

I have a good feeling about 2018. A vision is slowly becoming clear. I feel a warmth in my heart. Or it might just be a stroke.


What happens to engineers after they die?

It’s simple really. Before I reveal the answer, here’s a little backstory. Lets rewind to a few minutes before the engineer’s death. The engineer realises that everything he’s learnt, everything he’s experienced, everything he loved may soon be lost forever. This brings immense sadness to the inventor’s gentle heart. However, he remembers all the great scientists and YouTube videos about multiverses and the law of conservation of energy. This reignites the fire of curiosity in him for one last time. Our engineer has now successfully converted fear into curiosity. He is now curious to know what happens after death. This gives him the courage to meet death head on. However he starts to wonder why this shit is taking too long. Soon he realises that he can’t think properly and his memory is starting to fade. He can’t remember his favourite song. He cant remember any songs. He thinks to himself, “Oh well. I hope I get to meet dad at least”. He starts to find it difficult to breathe. Now he knows the time is near. So he opens his eyes for one last time, takes a look around the empty room and then slowly closes it with a smile on his face. 

And then nothingness…

Oh common! You didn’t think that would be the end of it did you? That was too dark to accept!

The engineer wakes up from bed with tears rolling down his eyes and hopes it to god that the wetness in the pants are also tears. He jumps up from bed in astonishment only to hear his lame ass room mate yell “will you turn off that damn alarm? Don’t you have a job?” to which he gracefully replies “I JUST DIED YOU MOTHERFUCKER”. 

I wish I knew what happens after death. I think death is the only thing in the world that can put a limit on imagination. I just thought the title was really cool! 

I wonder

We are able to speak to each other just because there is air in our atmosphere (sound requires a medium to propagate). If there was no air, how do you think we would communicate? Of course, sign language would be the answer but what if we advanced¬† from it just like we advanced from uttering simple sounds to making up sentences? What if we could just look at someone’s face and totally understand what they were saying?

Did Robin Williams’s brain operate at a higher speed than the average person?

Do the laws we make affect the way we evolve as a society?


Why does the sight of tangled earphone-wires and damaged speakers irritate me?

Why did McDonald’s choose a clown? Why does IT seem creepy now?

Why are unlimited data and unlimited refills more popular words than unlimited access and unlimited entry?

Why does my room mate keep this picture in the living room?


Out of all the other pictures, why this one?


Why do we want to believe rumours and spread them when the internet can be used for fact-checking?

Why was Michael Jackson so strange?

Why does the colour-scheme of a movie affect its tone?

Why do people like to watch other people react to the stuff they like?(YouTube react videos)

Why is dog food expensive?

Why do people want to be afraid of technology?

Why don’t I have social skills?

Why are a few scientists concerned about the stability of the universe?

Why do people like to make fun of politicians? Why do politicians like to make fun of other politicians? Why are we not interested in politics? 

Why do we like it when movies reference other movies?


Why does going to the beach help me think better?

Why do my blog’s views go up when I include pictures in my posts?

Why do detectives look for patterns?

Why was Tom and Jerry fun back then and violent now?

Why do people pray?


The Power of Thoughts




Adaptive biological reprogramming, a.k.a. “evolution”(I made that up) gave us the power to think. No one asked for it. It was gifted to us by ourselves. Despite wielding the awesome power of thought, we still do not know where we come from. It shows how complex nature really is. Pictures of Earth taken from outer space have shown us how insignificant we are in the awesomeness that is the universe. The time frame of our very existence shows us how irrelevant we are in the history of Earth itself. It makes you wonder. What’s the point of all this anger, envy and hate? When the camera zooms out and shows the Earth shrink into nothing but a pale blue dot, you suddenly realize that we are but one big family. In the process, we also learn another surprising truth: WE ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. Literally!

The fact that we have begun to understand our place in the universe leads me to believe that we might not be that dumb after all! We may not be “special” but we are participants of a great cosmic journey. In the words of Carl Sagan, “We are all made of ‘star stuff’ “. The ingredients that make up the stars are the very same ones found in our body. We are part of the universe.¬†I think that is super cool. We are not perfect. We find cures for disease yet fail to realize that we are the cause of many of them. But we are curious wanderers. We sent our kind into space. We reverse engineered from the present and found clues that lead back to the beginning of the unverse a.k.a wait for it… The Big Bang! We study our own behaviour! We help each other. We do not need a “meaning” for life, we create it for ourselves. Through the universe, we realize that it is not always about “me” but it is about “us”. I think we are awesome. Hi five yourself.



FistBumpFriends- The best thing that can happen to anyone. Any problem in life is made easy with them. My friend circle is very small. So, moving far away from home has resulted in me getting completely cut off from them.

Like any normal person would, I prefer like- minded people. In my case, that seems to be a little too much to ask for because(how do I¬†make this non-cringe worthy?)¬†my type doesn’t come in plenty! So now I’ve broadened the approach. I¬†try to talk to whoever comes my way.¬†This¬†has resulted in many awkward conversations, sometimes giving off wrong signals and¬†even turning flirtatious.¬†I wish there was an easy way to do this. There are apps to do this sort of thing but I’m terrified to use them.

I realise now that I had been taking friends for granted. They came in plenty¬†at¬†school! You didn’t have to put any work into it! There were so many people around me that I had the luxury¬†to choose people.¬†But now, things are different.¬†I have to work hard to make good friends. I have to, dare I say it,¬†‘be outgoing’. The funny thing is that I¬†never meet good friends this way. I meet interesting people only in interesting ways!¬†It¬†usually happens by coincidence.¬†It’s like the universe sends them to me.¬†Since the universe has¬†been¬†awful quiet lately, I am forced to find¬†friends on my own. I never realised it would be so hard. I am forced to¬†make myself appealing to get to talk to people.¬†I know¬†that there is a natural tendency for people to want to hang out with other happy¬† people. I have also heard that successful people hagout with other successful people. I interpret it¬†as ‘smart people prefer to keep their smartness¬†fresh by hanging out¬†with other smart people’ which is probably ignorant but hey! I don’t differentiate them¬†when they seek my friendship!. Unfortunately, I tend to¬†repel successful¬†people very quickly!

I am now at a point in my life where I could really use a few good friends. I am not a total introvert who does not talk to anyone. I have a few friends at work. I very rarely get to hangout with them outside the office. My friends from college are my closest. I was the happiest person in the world when a few of them came to visit me. I had the best time of my life.

I like watching talk shows on YouTube. Apart from the top ones, I also like those  types where common people get together and talk about day-to-day problems that everyone face. Its even more awesome if they are funny and are also friends with each other. This leads me to think that my longing to have a group of friends has peaked to such a level that I like to watch people on YouTube have a good time! One positive thing that has come out of not having any friends is that my imagination is running wild. You know it is time to make friends as soon as possible when you start to imagine having conversations with imaginary people!

So here’s the¬†thing about me that is really messed up: There actually was a point in my life not too long ago when I had a good number of friends. I enjoyed their company very much. However,as we hung out more and more, I started to get sick of them. I wanted to go back to my lonely miserable condition. I am not sure if it had anything to do with the group¬† that I hung out with but¬†I really felt bad about it. I thought something was wrong with me. I was literally hunting for friends¬†the whole time¬†and when I finally had what I wanted, I wanted to get rid of them. It is really hard¬† to describe the feeling of not wanting too many friends. But that is not even the worst part. I actually wanted to be ALONE at that point. The people who I hung out with¬†had not done anything to upset me. Its just weird.


I restarted drum lessons the other day. I think it was the best thing I did after moving here. After all, the loneliness has really started to take a toll on me. To top it all off, I’ve began to get more gay attention. I have nothing against gay people but it just doesn’t feel good. What’s even worse is that¬†I’ve become even more scared of talking to girls. Enough about my boring life.
After the drum lesson ended, I had this thought about creativity. I thought about how musicians composed music. Every musician has influencers. I used to think no one can make something completely new without utilising ideas from their heroes. Everyone builds on what they have learnt. Isn’t that the only way to go about it? I mean, you cannot be born with all the knowledge. You have to learn from somewhere. You might be born with the talent but you still need to get some kind of input before you can make your own stuff.
I wonder if there are people capable of doing¬†something entirely new without¬†depending on¬†anything else. That would be like breaking a law of the universe. It would be like making a colour you haven’t seen yet. Or a sound you haven’t heard. Totally next dimension stuff. What would it be like to see a colour you have never seen? Will your brain be able to process it?
I remember watching a you tube video about imagination. In it, the host speaks about how the tools we make are an extension of ourselves. We make the tools¬†and the¬†tools in turn help us grow. I think our purpose in life is to use these ‘tools’ to do something extraordinary. It doesn’t have to be huge. You can start just by HELPING SOMEONE!
When people go beyond their capabilities and do something completely new, a whole new dimension opens up and thus creats¬†a so called ‘dent’ in the universe. It is hard to explain but you might even feel the new dimension opening up¬†in your mind. It usually happens right after you make someone really happy. Let us all strive to make dents in the universe! DO SOMETHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY! DO IT NOW! DO IT!