The Theory of Everything

The day the internet stood still

Have you ever had one of those days where you come back home to find there’s no internet, and you don’t know what to do? While you stand there in the darkness(2018 synonym for offline) trying not to panic and act like everything is cool, you tell yourself ,”huh!. No internet. Not a problem. I have thousands of other things to do”. You contemplate visiting the neighbours for a moment and realize you don’t even know their names. That’s when you remember an old friend called ‘book’ that you never finished reading. You wipe the dust off ‘A brief history of time’, written by Stephen Hawking, and admire the smiling face on the front cover. That’s when it hits you, “oh shit! Stephen Hawking is dead!”. Then you turn real sad.

Death of people like Mr Hawking is what you call an actual catastrophe. Do you know why? Because we do not know what we have lost. We have no idea what these people could have given mankind if they had lived longer. What if we had the technology to make a copy of his conscience? Would he allow that? Would he be wary of the consequences of doing such a thing? Who knows if it will be used for good or evil? Probably evil. But a lot of good too, I think.

I salute you Mr. Hawking, for showing us the awesome power of determination, and inspiring even the dumbest of people like myself. Although disabled, you had a pretty good run here on Earth. Cummon! Not every movie gets picked to win an Oscar, and one of them is a movie about you! I know it’s quite late to say this but, goodbye Mr. Hawking.