The Batman

Sunday morning

Today, I’m going to talk about kindness, and the importance of empath…oh who fucking cares? Let’s talk about The Batman real quick. Let me tell you this. This movie has been growing on me. There are very few movies that do that, but the fact that I’m still thinking about it, is in itself proof that it has made a big impact on me. Maybe he’s a vigilante, maybe he’s messed up in the head, maybe he’s a nice human being, but there’s no denying the fact that everyone who liked the movie, saw a little bit of them in him. That determination to do the right thing, that feeling of helplessness when everyone around you hates you, that need to break out of your shell, and figure out what to do. It’s amazing man. I wish there would be more movies like this. I just started watching the Lighthouse, and already I know this is going to be great, because I don’t know Robert Pattinson. I don’t know who he is. I haven’t watched him in anything. Now all of a sudden I get introduced to not only this brilliant actor, but also this beautiful music, which by the way, I watched a podcast with Matt Reeves and the guy who did the score, and they said they wrote the score before they did the movie, and in my mind I go aah, so that’s what this is. This is an out-of-the- world concept. This is pure awesomeness in the form of a movie.

People who talk in the theater

I knew the day was going to come when I’ll have to address this menace on a platform that no one ever reads. This is getting to a point where we’ll need to get the ‘shh police’ involved. I want theater staff standing by at all times to manhandle these motherfuckers. Look man, I get it. You’ve paid extra to watch it on the opening night. You’ve got your group of friends, your life is amazing. I understand that. Just don’t come to a theater, and spread that happiness around. Just sit down, eat your overpriced popcorn, and get the hell outta there. No one wants to know all the other movies the director has done, or why the movie is going to change the landscape of the movie industry. Save your damn opinions for filmschool. Where’s the shh police when you need them? Have all of them found fulfilling jobs at libraries?

I was watching The Batman, and there was these group of kids, who I’ll be honest, reminds me a lot of myself when I was young. I used to get so excited, but I also knew I had to respect the audience. Everyone paid the same price. Everyone deserves great entertainment. That’s actually not true , the rich bitches are lying down on recliner seats, enjoying gold plated nachos, handmade by tv’s favorite chef. Nobody’s making a fuss there because over there, the threats are real. ‘I’ll dismiss your father’ is a favorite. So anyway, I’m sitting there, slowly getting into the dark and gloomy mood of Gotham city, and this kid won’t stop rambling about the color scheme of this movie. I mean, he’s making really good points about the Red accent and all, but I paid 360 for this man, and it’s not even imax. I am a poor, unfulfilled moviegoer. Please let me have this.

PS: Great movie. Loved the cinematography. If you’re thinking about watching it, don’t think twice. Go watch it in a nice theater, because you deserve it.