Life lessons

The first few rays of summer hit me on the face and butt today, after my afternoon shower, in the form of sweat. This is usually depicted as a high point in movies, but here, in little ol Kolkata, it’s the opening up of hell itself. Once it starts, you forget that there even was a winter. Everyday becomes a fight against summer, against life itself.

I am very very confused. My mind is confused, my heart is confused. I always hated it when people equated heart to love. I always pictured it as a piece of meat, which it is. There is a reason for this wonderful, motivating post. I have been stuck at home, sick with fever for the past one week. Just when I started to plan my life out a little, beginning with some peaceful vacation time, time to spend with my mom, few days to spend with my girl, life decided to fuck me. Let me tell you something about this unpredictable ass-rapist called life. ‘Unpredictable’ does not do justice in describing how bipolar this bitch is. There is no control. Any sort of grip on life is an illusion. Nobody knows what is happening. None knows why dogs sniff each other’s butts, no one knows why wake up in the morning.

Disclaimer: Papa is depressed. Life is still beautiful.

Seasonal hate

I would like to take a minute to talk about a season that makes me hate life more than life itself. The time of the year when mercury rises, brings a lot of joy to a lot of people around the world. Not to me. Here, in Kolkata, summer has a different meaning. The striking similarity between the words ‘heat’ and ‘hate’ was no matter of coincidence, my friends. Summer means death. You knew it was coming, but every time it arrives I can’t help but ask nature “why do you hate me? why do you rape me through all the pores of my body?”. Life as a whole turns very sticky during the summer. Sweat is no longer confined to arm pits. There’s just a wet animal walking around, looking for an airconditioned space. I know the Earth goes through phases, just like you and me, but if I had any say in the matter, fucking summer needs some work.

Update: A few hours later. it was announced that A Super Cyclonic Storm called AMPHAN will hit Kolkata later in the day.

Trick is to keep moving

I am happy to report that the summer in Kolkata has yet again beaten it’s past records. The sun is doing a terrific job of melting away ice creams and dreams. If you don’t have an AC, well, the suicide prevention hotline doesn’t accept temperature-related calls for help but you can always try the nearest cold storage. Anyway, if you prefer to fight the heat, and burn outside, the trick is to keep moving.