Songs from the heart

This is a song I sing when I feel sad and lonely, and I feel like there is no direction in my life. It cheers me up.

I am not a history teacher

I am not a history teacher

I feel good about my life

Because I don’t have to teach history

My life is not miserable

Eating more vegetables

I like to keep it fit ta da dum…(sexy female voices in the background)

(Tune change)

For life is sha la la la la

La la la, in the evening

(return to original)

The funny thing about history

is that it is a mystery

Why? listen carefully

We never learn from the past

No matter we always come last

There’s no sign of improvement

So go to your dad, and make a surpriseeeeeeeeeeee

I am not a history teacher


My tablet fell in the toilet today. Here’s a poem.

You slipped from my arms, there was nothing I could do

You leapt without faith, I should have caught you

I saw you fall down, but there was no frown

I still don’t regret, maybe this is for the best

Did I mention that time I thought I lost you

The girl at ASUS said “there was nothing I could do”

But then you came back, to a life without fear

What happens at repair centers is now pretty clear

But this time I know not, if you will survive

You are neither IP rated nor used to deep dives

I dare not plug you in, nor can I cry

All I can do now is wait for the shit water to dry