Fascinating discoveries

Sleep deprivation can make you feel less pain. Don’t believe me? The next time you sleep for less than three hours in a night, try hitting yourself during the day, on your arms or thighs. Basically, you turn into Superman. While you are at it, feel free to knock yourself out. Fun fact: Sleep deprivation could also kill you. So be a good lad, and let that liver detox your body. Put that phone away, envision luscious green grasslands, water trickling down a rocky hill, or BDSM, whatever gets you going.

That heavenly feeling

Sleep is a gift, a token of appreciation for a hard day’s work. It is the time to reset, rest, reenergize. The mind becomes clear, and you dream. You lay down on your soft, beautiful mattress. The breathing becomes soft, silent and calm. The eyes start to close. You begin floating away into paradise, away from all worldly thoughts, for now you are asleep. And then a fucking car alarm goes off.

How books changed my life forever

I suffer from mild insomnia. Reading has helped me overcome this terrible disease. When it’s late, I put on my pyjamas, I get a nice book and I get cozy on my bed. I start to read. All it takes is about 5 minutes and then BOOM! Brain shuts down like cosmetic surgery clinics after government inspection. My relationship with books has never been better. But then I heard about audio books. Genius.