The old friend shines bright

You ever tried to take a picture of the moon? It’s not that easy.


The ridiculously blurry moon is surrounded by a halo of my phone’s desperate attempt to make sense of the situation. To the left of the Moon, is another blurry spot that looks like a smudge on a bakery’s display showcase, probably cake icing. Now, the funny thing about this blurry spot is that it doesn’t exist. Fucker popped out of nowhere. Probably has something to do with reflection from the lens. To it’s left is a star, and it reminds me of nothing, because I haven’t seen anything as awesome as a star. The only thing that vaguely comes to mind is the ceiling at the planetarium, which used to be the best part of the show. Below that star is another star that is not that bright, like a less significant sibling (funny how the words get darker than the picture itself). To the bottom of this less-bright one is a faint blue glow. This was no camera error. The light is coming from a business establishment bustling with activity at night, and nearby, I walk out of my office, and I see my manager’s driver leaning against a car, enjoying a cigarette. He looks at me, smiles, and I think to myself, “go fuck yourself you fat fuck”.

Welcome to my home

My place of peace and quiet, Kerala.


The four legged figure that looks like the monster from Stranger Things is actually part of a fishing net

Wait, that’s just a picture of the sky. Doesn’t matter if it was taken in Kerala or Egypt! The introvert in me feels at ease in this environment. How I wish vacations lasted a lifetime!