Today I realized how much, older siblings influence their younger ones. It’s a scary amount. The younger ones absorb everything the older ones do. In a way, the younger ones carry on from where the older ones left off. I thought about how much of an influence my sister was on me. My taste in music, movies, books, food, hobbies, pets, etc. were all, in a way, indirectly influenced by her. And for that, I thank her. She had great taste in movies. I’ll give her that. Everything else was shit.

My sister turned 40 last month. I wanted to let her know exactly how much I love her. So I gave her a nice birthday speech, during which I said things like, “not long now”, “cherish every moment”, “medical insurance”, “death”, etc. to which she retaliated by calling my life a joke.

Time Part 2

Once, my sister gifted me a watch with no hands. It had a golden face. I asked her why it doesn’t have any hands. She said it’s to remind me that whatever time it is, ‘time’ itself is the most precious thing in the world. She also suggested that I keep a picture of her in the watch, incase I didn’t like the watch-face.

There are times when we take our families for granted. We get busy. We forget their birthdays. We stop talking to them. We need to remember that they are the only human beings that truly care for us and will love us unconditionally.

So I hugged her and laughed hysterically at her stupid idea. What a waste of time.

Time part 1