My way

It’s nice to add your own uniqueness, that little touch of “you” to whatever it is that you like to do, be it singing or cooking. It brings out the excitement in everything, except when you do Yoga “your” way and end up with such a frikkin bad back ache that you even question the integrity of the mattress that served you so well for the past 3 years.

Don’t fight the depression

If you suffer from depression, and you feel like it’s a part of who you are, then there’s no point fighting it. There’s no point avoiding it either. You should work with it. Realize that there’s nothing wrong in treating it. I treat mine with intense workouts, forced-socialising and KFC.


As you might have guessed, it’s best if you stop reading my blog right now. The amount of unqualified advice I give, frightens me.

Curiosity’s self-help guide

How to gain friends at work

Go to a bar with colleagues. Buy first round of drinks. Call your mom. Ask her to pick you up immediately.

How to escape from a low-energy situation

Touch the inside of a bug zapper

How to stay fit

Pray to Bruce Lee

Stay tuned for “Curiosity’s guide to a great job interview“. In it, he explores the DO’s, Dont’s, Don’t you dare’s, How dare you’s and Call the cops’s of job interviews. 

Curiosity is a self proclaimed author who never seizes to amaze his imaginary audience. His ground-breaking works include “One flew over the prison fence” and the research paper, “Crazy Poor Patients“. Apart from plagiarism, he also enjoys throwing rocks at his office and teaching kids to swear.