Do I do it?


Do I don’t?

Life choices: we’ve all had to make them. It is a difficult process. I wish I could tackle it like Two-face, with the flip of a coin, but I can’t. Because I, unlike Two-face, am real. I have to live with the consequences. I can’t buy a house and forget about maintenance. I can’t move to another country and not adapt to the new environment. I can’t join a course and hope to pass. I can’t marry a girl and…wait…now it’s getting way too comical. Anyway, I have a suggestion. Don’t let “fear” guide your decisions. When making any decision, you should lead with optimism and end with contemplation.

Sorry for misleading you but this whole post was actually about me deciding weather or not to get a keyboard. If you are struggling to decide on something serious like getting a divorce or a car or a baby, you should probably seek advice from qualified professionals. Don’t mess it up. Never forget- Life is serious. Also, hail Deadpool.

On an unrelated note, last Tuesday, my neighbour finally admitted to being a time traveller. It happened after his daughter found 1950s porn hidden inside theirĀ  “tax-documents drawer”.