Listen to this!

Why do some people force others to listen to their music? I am looking at YOU, inconsiderate person who drives around blasting out noise with the windows rolled down. However, I am curious about this urge. I can even understand it to an extent. Some songs make some people feel good. So all that these people are trying to do is to make others feel good too! However, there are also people who do it just to annoy others. Annoying others makes them feel good! I love it when someone likes my music. When I was a kid, me and my friends listened to the same kind of music. Then one day, I heard a song that was so good, it blew my  mind. I couldn’t wait to show it to my friends. One day I was hanging out with a few friends. I set the song up on a nice stereo. With a lot of excitement, I pressed play. They were busy talking to each other. I was eagerly waiting for them to stop abruptly and say “holy shit! That sounds so awesome!”. Surprisingly, none of that happened and they continued talking to each other until I asked for an opinion on the song. They were like, “meh”. I realised something that day. I liked something that was different. That genre of music did not please others very well. It was hard to find others who like it. If anyone’s curious, this was that song:

So good! And I totally get why they didn’t like it. Linkin Park had already started to occupy their minds!

Anyway, it took me a while to stop forcing people to listen to my songs. I was living in a bubble. I know now that everyone has their own interests and are passionate about them.



This post is about my musical interests. I actually do not know why I am writing this. I personally hate reading blogs about musical interests. So if you don’t  like this sort of thing, don’t waste your time reading. Kids, this is what happens when you move to a new place and don’t make friends!

Why don’t you try hitting the play button while reading this?

The following are just my opinions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion after all. I respect everyone’s  music preferences. I used to wonder how people could listen to death metal and hip hop. I always thought that people who liked such genres, just did it to look cool or make a statement. Eventually, I realised that they like what they like, the same way I like rock. They are passionate about their music just like I am about mine. That is why I don’t judge people based on whether they listen to Justin Bieber or Eric Martin. On the other hand, people who do bother me are the ones who ‘like’ bands based on their popularity. I also don’t understand people who ‘like’ bands just to fit in. It’s ok to like any genre of music or any artist. I believe that the type of music you like actually says something about you. It’s like one of the things that make up your identity. I don’t get people who keep their musical interests a secret . I am sure that they have their reasons but I think it is just sad. Here are a few of my interests.

Artist: Dream Theater
Album: Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory

A lot of things that I think about have been brilliantly portrayed in the eleventh track (Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On). I personally do not give a damn about the lyrics in a song. I like songs for their tune. But this song! I have to say that the lyrics are just superb.
I wish to give special attention to the transition from track 1(Scene One: Regression) to track 2(Scene Two: I. Overture 1928). It is the greatest transition I have heard till date. The first track is a mere two minutes while the second is more than three. A lot is going on in the first track. There is a soothing voice, there is singing, there is soft acoustic guitar with brilliant vocals. Then there is a dramatic change as the song transitions into the second track. Just genius work. I cannot however tolerate rest of the track! I googled the album just now to write about it. After reading the synopsis of the album, I feel like this is the most depressing album ever. The story is just too damn sad and so full of bull shit! Don’t get me wrong. I ‘DO NOT’ like this album as a whole. Just a few tracks!

Artist: Rainbow
Album: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
Now this is an album that I just adore. Each and every song of the album is worth mentioning. Ronnie James Dio could write amazing songs. He could express feelings which is what songs are meant to do. “Music is what feelings sound like” said a strange colleague to me once. Now this is an album that I like as a whole. My favourite songs are Black Sheep of the Family and Self Portrait.

Artist: Queensrÿche
Album: Operation: Mindcrime
I stumbled upon this album thanks to Apple music’s suggestions. I still think Spotify’s suggestions are better though. Pure brilliance is the phrase to describe this album. I have not listened to rock of this style. It was way ahead of its time. The guitar solos are well thought out and stand out on their own. Best of all, the album tells a brilliant story. It explains the horrors of mind manipulation. Its like a movie but you would want to hear it rather than see it.

Artist: Blind Guardian
Album: Beyond the Red Mirror
Song: Distant Memories (Bonus Track)
I like this kind of music. Operatic, orchestral, and stunning vocals. Listening to these on good speakers is like meditation to me. I live in a shared apartment now(fancy name: company guest house!). So although it is peaceful, I cannot pump up the volume for now.

Now, off to watch The Revenant!