Happy Saturday!

Say something that made your Saturday happy! Even if your life sucks! Everything’s going to be ok!

My Saturday is happy because it’s World Music Day!

Update: This sudden and unusual burst of happiness was caused by a spontaneous decision to workout in the afternoon. I will return to my senses in 3,2,1….

Also, World Music Day is tomorrow. Fuck.

Safe in the hills

Here’s a fun list of things that have been troubling me as of late

  • Inability to fulfill my dreams
  • Deteriorating relationship with remaining members of my family
  • Unhealthy relationship with isolation

So I took the day off, and left for the hills


Over the years, I’ve realized that, the moment I start to fuck up my life, a whole new level of appreciation for nature emerges out of nowhere! I’ve heard people say that travelling helps clear the mind. I don’t agree with this. I think it helps to bring clarity to your thoughts. Plus, travelling is exercise one way or the other. So it’s quite natural that you feel better after travelling. I’m no scientist, just saying.

To quote the great poet Bruce Dickinson, Run To The Hills.