There are two types of Cancers. One that is passed on to the next generation as a result of defects in the genes, and the other, is kind of a psychological cancer that is passed on from generation to generation. The latter has several subcategories like behavioral, way of thinking, etc, which are further sub-divided into Ego, self esteem, bottling up of emotions, etc. These things fester like wildfire. Arresting them is a humongous task, but if we don’t do it, it would be a crime we are committing towards the future generation.

The elements

What does freedom smell like? Non-polluted air. Just take a moment and smell your air. Most of us have gotten used to the way our air smells, it doesn’t smell like anything. Yet it smells. It smells of age and oil. You know what smells nice? Fried chicken. The air we breathe is old. Thousands of millions, probably billions of farts, decomposed matter, Jasmine flowers, bug spray, even the smell of wet dogs. All of that smell is in the air. How crazy is it that it’s just there(the air)? We were just born into it. What if there was no air, only water? Imagine a world where a mermaid Amber Heard actually exists. Now imagine your bedroom underwater. Your socks are floating. No more noise. Ever tried jerking off in water? It’s like that squid that squirts ink.

Be like water

-Bruce Lee

It’s too late

We have all seen this horrible sight at some point in our lives. That unholy discharge at the butt of the battery. Some of you might have questions. What happened here? What went wrong? Why is Panasonic fucking me in the ass like this? Well, the short answer is: I left it in too long (that’s what she… never mind). Now, how long is too long? Depends. How long has it been since the clock stopped ticking? A week? A month? We change batteries only after the clock stops ticking. Why? Because there’s no warning. Some clocks stop right away, while others show signs of slowing down. Wait a minute… if they slowed down, we would lose track of time. So we want them to stop. Now, we could introduce a feature where the clock announced it’s own imminent demise, but that would be too depressing wouldn’t it? How many times can you listen to a clock’s death toll while eating lunch at the dinner table? So, no sound. Let the clock die in peace, before a new one is born. but wait, we still have the problem of leaking batteries. Well, what if there existed a perfect world where batteries never leaked? There would be a million dead clocks.

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I hear everything

The sound of wind on another planet gives me shivers. The emptiness makes me uneasy. It sounds so desolate. So dark and gloomy. So poetic. I love it. Having said that, there could very well be a tiny little alien jerking off right behind the camera.

Agam and the sheltered life

I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. I haven’t taken risks. I haven’t quit my job, and backpacked across the country. What I have done is lead a solitary life amidst chaos. What I dream about is chaos amidst solitude.

Carnatic Progressive Rock

One day I see a group of musicians (Agam) assembled inside what appears to be a new building, but old architecture. There’s a lot of mist ,black shirts and expectation. For some reason I think this has to be another fusion rock gimmick shit, but I wait, patiently, and holy shit did it pay off. 

They blow my mind, especially the vocalist Harish Sivaramakrishnan. If I like somebody, I do the research. I find out this dude used to live where I used to live. I find his face very familiar. I begin to feel like I’ve seen him at music school. I find out he’s an Engineer. I find out he does TED talks. I watch a few of them. All he talks about is his sheltered upbringing, and the success he’s had by taking risks. Well, fuck me!

Narcissistic millennial culture

Nope. Narcissistic behaviour has existed throughout the history of mankind. It’s just that the older generations don’t always approve of the newer ones because ‘they’ve got it easier’ or whatever. Take music for example. How often do you find someone from the older generation really enjoying modern-day music? It’s just that we adore the environment of our time. Some people adapt/grow. They find happiness.

Obviously not all people from the older generations are like this. Many of them are super supportive, but there’s that small percentage of shitty old people who just can’t stop yapping about how the songs on the TV suck. Then again, there are young people who make fun of A Clockwork Orange and Frédéric Chopin. Shitheads are everywhere. We just need to find them, and avoid them. I’m inclined to talk about Queen, but I’m going to stop that urge. I don’t want this to turn into a Queen fansite.


Why is it that, in most horror movies, a ghost has to have a female form in order to look scary?

Why doesn’t the human arm grow back after it gets cut off?

Hmm… pets can’t talk back. Is that a major reason why people love them so much?

What’s the deal with patterns? For example, we look for patterns in clouds in the sky, in stars(constellations), moon craters. It gets crazier. Detectives look for patterns in the way criminals commit crimes. Stripes on a car, makes it a racing car. Stripes on pants makes it a track suit. Logos of companies. Fascinating.







The adult

I’ve been having second thoughts about growing up. So I wrote a poem.


It feels like something’s missing

It feels like somethings gone

It feels like I don’t belong

I don’t know when this darkness came

Ice cream doesn’t taste the same

That’s a lie

Ice cream tastes great

Especially the ones with Oreos in them

Things suddenly feel okay

Poems are gay

I am not

It’s ok to be gay


Time for beer