Beak demon

I was attacked by a chicken when I was 12 years old. The PTSD from it still lingers. I think about the black cock when I go to KFC. This last sentence makes sense because I am straight. Though I got some skin pecked away from my ass, what hurt more was that my cousins left me there to die, when it happened. Betrayal. I was tricked into throwing sand at the king chicken.


There’s nothing more depressing than watching a movie theater close down. Its like watching art die. Now, as to reasons why such places shut shop, there’s obviously no mystery. In most cases, it is the failure to adapt/grow or mismanagement. Maybe theaters have comfort zones too!



Metro Cinema, Kolkata


Apparently, this one right here was a big deal back in the day. It’s got some pretty interesting history with┬áMetro Goldwyn Mayer. When I first saw this beauty today, my first reaction was to go touch the walls. You see, my ex-girlfriend claimed she had the ability to ‘feel’ places. I know this sounds fucked up. Let’s just say she had a broad definition for ‘feel’ in this case. In order to do this, she would switch over to X-men mode and literally go hug the walls. My immediate reaction to this was, “uh oh… substance abuse”.

So I tried touching the walls,



Other than a wifi symbol and a big ass, I wasn’t able to get much from this

I tried touching the ground



Maybe it’s a heightened sense thing or synesthesia. You know, like Looney Tunes.