Don’t skim through the news

So, today’s paper reads

“All it took

was a

microscopic organism

to make us

more human”

Which is a very thoughtful thing to say, but the problem with reading news online is that when you scroll, letters take on a life of their own.

“All it took

was a


to make 

more humans”

Which again, is a very thoughtful thing to say, though it doesn’t make any sense. But then, I’m sleep deprived. So I get creative with it.

“All it took

was a


to make us

more orgasm”

Big announcement

This is probably the biggest announcement made since the Apollo mission. I hope I don’t break the internet.

Curiosity joins Reddit

Curiosity gets E-mail

Curiosity joins Twitter

Not anymore because Curiosity saw family members appear in list of suggested friends despite creating anonymous account. Fuck the internet.

So stop wasting time and start sending in the nudes.