New Year

New Year’s Eve Experiments

Test 1: Old Monk with Maaza

Result: Sucks. It actually makes the maaza taste bad. I felt sick but I still finished it. Champion.

Test 2: Old Monk with Coke Zero

Result: Not that bad 🙂 Pretty good. Feeling good. Suddenly, all my fears and depression are gone.

Test 3: Old Monk with Nimbooz

Result: I’m not going to try this.

It is now 11:43 pm. Believe it or not, I can hear The Final Countdown being blasted from somewhere nearby. This is all I need. My New Year has gotten as good as it can get.

Happy New Year my dear friends. I love you all.

Forgive them

The year is ending. Happy things have happened, sad things too. Some of us have been lucky, some of us have been wronged. Some of us have been hurt by those we held close to our hearts. Whatever you do, do not lose hope. You have to try, try to forgive, try to forget, because they are not your enemies. The real enemy is out there, destroying happiness, like, for example, people who go around touching things with their oily hands, they need to be eliminated. Fuckers turn keyboards into polished mirrors.

Good times

2018 is here! So many things to look forward to! Michael Bay has confirmed 14 more Transformers movies! Why?

Here are the highlights of the adventure that was 2017(highlights of my life. I don’t give a shit about others but feel free to comment!)

I have friends now. Real people. No bullshit, down-to-earth human beings who have a good sense of humour.

I don’t freak out at social events.

I have stopped talking to my sister. It’s my fault.

I have started talking to my mother. She seems like a very nice person. For now.

Discovered that my worst fear is not ‘Valak’ from the Conjuring, but unfaithfulness. This was confirmed after watching ‘The Entire History of You’.

Put a check on my YouTube addiction. Its great but it was consuming a huge chunk of my life. I used to be dependent on YouTube the same way people are dependent on Uber on New Years eve.

Stopped talking to colleagues. Working on it.

Got my own place. Its so empty that farts sound like a Gregorian church choir.

Joined a band. I don’t feel like an orphan anymore.

I have a good feeling about 2018. A vision is slowly becoming clear. I feel a warmth in my heart. Or it might just be a stroke.