Moments of clarity

When you wake up on a Sunday morning, when the sun kisses your eyes, and the birds sing “good morning”, during those first few moments of clarity, what are the thoughts that come to your mind?

I usually wake up from the sounds of furniture being moved around by the second floor neighbours. I keep my eyes closed. The thoughts that come to my mind, “if I launched a missile straight from my bed, whose ass would it hit first?”. There are also the coin drops. It’s like someone wakes up from their bed and immediately starts raining money. I hear the coin drop, travel to the next room, and then fall down, accompanied by sound effects you get to hear only in the best movies. Then there are the farts. Now these are a little harder to hear due to the low frequency, but lets just say I’m quite sensitive. The only good part is that I don’t hear anyone talk. It would be odd if one day, I went upstairs, and found out there was no one living there. That would be a nightmare.