Why are companies trying to push their editing software on us? There’s grammarly, wordpress, now even Microsoft is in the game. Every now and then I get a notification saying “get Microsoft editor for free and write like a pro on the web”. Let me tell you something Microsoft, I AM a pro on the web. I don’t need you to correct my spelling or grammar. It’s what makes me think and be creative. If you take that away, then I lose my uniqueness. I will make errrors. I will mess up speling. Actually, I don’t mind you fixing the spelling. Keep doing that.

There’s an ATM machine that I walk by everyday from work, and I see water leaking from it everyday. Then I noticed it was coming from the windows. There was so much condensation on there, it looked like a waterfall. I think the AC is set to “oh shit”. Let me tell you the climate of Kolkata. It’s tropical. Humid, rainy, hot, not that great. Now imagine walking into a freezer. From 30 degrees straight to maybe 10. I see people walking in and out of there very quickly, like unusually fast. Is this some kind of ploy to get people out quickly? Also whatever happened to the security guards at these things? Frozen? Does the cash-refill team now have to do everything by themselves? It does look like the start of an action movie whenever those guys arrive. A van parks close and people who look like a SWAT team come out with guns, and everything is a hush hush operation. It’s difficult to say if the ATM is being robbed or replenished.

When people wearing glasses enter this ATM, they come out blind. It looks like dead people walking out of a freezer. This has been going on for maybe a week? I could just call the bank, but this is so much fun. This is not the first time this ATM has done strange things. One day, I walked in and I swear to God, a voice from above said “please take your mask off” in Malayalam. IN MALAYALAM! A language that is spoken thousands of kilometers away (kilometers and kilometers), literally on the other side of the country. That lady had no business speaking in Malayalam here. Granted, it was a recorded message, but the odds of me (a native Malayalam speaker) being asked to take my mask off, when all this while they’ve been asking us to keep it on, is quite astounding. And yes, at first I did go to the extent of thinking they scanned my face, worked out my ethnicity, and spoke to me in my native language, whereas it could have been just a simple programming error. I don’t know why I think these things.