Let’s ponder

The whole “opposites attract” thing:

Do you think that’s nature’s way of offsetting people’s shortcomings? For example, a short guy is attracted to tall women, or a shy guy attracted to outgoing women. You know what I mean? Or is it just people being curious about other people who are just different from them?

Valentine thoughts

I used to date someone who believed she had the ability to ‘feel’ everything she touches. By ‘feel’, we’re talking X-men level shit, where she claimed she could ‘live-through’ other people’s experiences. For this specific reason she would buy clothes of dead people. This was great for me because it was during this time that I found definition for my life. Basically, having nothing to do with what she was into, is what my life is all about. Having said that, it was me who got dumped.

I love you

I’ve heard people say that some people have the habit of looking at themselves in the mirror everyday, and saying, “I love you”, to themselves, and this somehow creates a positive change in their life. I thought about this, and have come to the conclusion that I will never be able to do it. Just the thought of me looking at myself and saying “I love you”, is nauseating to me. It actually makes me uncomfortable. I don’t know why though. I don’t hate myself, but I don’t love myself either.

Hold my hand

The best is yet to come. I don’t know you. You might be on the verge of a relapse. Hell, you might be considering taking your own life. I don’t give a shit. Your life is going to get better. The universe is asking me to tell you, everything’s going to be okay. Stop living in the past. Try something new. Dabble in some Japanese pornography. Be open to new things. Stop wasting your time on stupid blogs, and get back to doing what you do best. Try harder. Believe in yourself. Have some ice cream. Give the delivery guy a hug. Like this post. Brush twice a day. I love you.

Hugs need to be given

Everytime the food delivery guy messes up, goes to the wrong place, because he decided not to follow the map, I initially go into rage mode, and plan an attack on him via the feedback form. But then, when he finally shows up at my door, drenched in water, wearing his raincoat, all the while smiling, and says , “thank you sir, have a nice day”, my heart just melts. All I want to do at that point is to give him a big hug and cry for a bit. Actually, my instinct is to give him a kiss on the cheek, and a pat on the back, but that would be inappropriate.


To the people who walk through the coaches in a metro, “why?”.  What’s so urgent that you have to push people away, and make a divide? What’s waiting for you on the other side? Is it a light at the end of the tunnel? Or is it a loved one who does not exist? Is it the scent of deep fried burgers? Or are you just wandering aimlessly? I know not what your purpose is, lonely traveller, but if I happen to catch you walking by, listening to the radio, I hereby make it known, I will trip you.