Laugh at my pain

“Laugh at my pain”, is a documentary about stand-up comedy. It stars Kevin Heart. In it, he narrates some of the horrible shit he had to go through as a child. He explains how some of those traumatic experiences served as a catalyst to his humour. I think that is amazing. I am so curious to know more about the weird connection between pain and laughter. But it also frightens me.¬†

Recently, I watched an interview with one of my favourite comedians, Bobby Lee. In it, he admits to not having any “real” friends and that he suffers form depression. I used to think that comedians had like, “infinite” number of friends. But as time passes, the more I realize that most of my favourite comedians suffer from depression, anxiety and all that shit. Why are some of the best comedians in the world suffering from depression? Robin Williams and Jim Carrey are prime examples. Anyway, it hurts me to know that¬† my childhood heroes, people who made me laugh, people who were there for me during my darkest of times, suffer greatly from the same things that I suffer from.

First try

IMG_20171224_122759_321.jpgYesterday, while jamming with the band I got up from the throne(kudos to the person who named the drum-seat), walked up to the mic and announced that I was not gay. Suddenly everything stopped. People stopped talking to each other, the music stopped playing, (oh I almost forgot) the clock stopped ticking. Then a girl burst out laughing. In my mind I went, “Woohoo! This is my calling. Stand-up comedy, here I come”.