I just went through some of my old posts and realized how profound and meaningful some of it was, compared to the dick-jokes I do now. Well, that’s because I was happier then. I was a curious young boy. The only responsibility I had was to keep a job. I also feel like the language is limiting me. There are Shakespearean thoughts, but it comes out as early-man sign language. I have a 3 month membership to Audible, and I am going to master the fuck out of this language, starting with The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The voice of Jeremy Irons (narrator) will tingle my senses, and awaken a beast who once terrified illiterates with complex sounding words.


My friend is just starting to get a hang of the English language. So, from time to time I would get texts saying something like, “Hey! How’s your man doing?”, which actually means “Hey! How are you doing, man?”, but just to make things interesting, I would reply with, “Great! He’s lying by my side, waiting for me to request for emotional support. Isn’t he adorable?”


One of the most awesome characteristics of planet Earth is that it has an atmosphere. Thanks to it, we are able to communicate with each other verbally (sound requires a medium to propagate, which in this case is air). We evolved to develop ears only because there was air in the atmosphere.

Well, what if there was no air? How would we communicate? Most people would ask how we would survive without air in the first place. I am talking of a hypothetical situation where we would be able to survive without it. Who knows? Maybe there’s a planet out there with no air. Imagine a thunderstorm with no sound. Such a waste!

The first thing that comes to mind is sign language. I  wonder how much further we would have advanced from simple signing. For example, with, sound, we began by making simple noises, then advanced to simple words, then sentences and so on. Now we have cell phones, voice recorders and Daft Punk. What if we had advanced the same way with something like sign language? I am guessing facial expressions would play a much greater role. The conveyance of feelings would be a thing? (anyone who watched The Arrival can relate). I can imagine a world full of professor Xs walking around in silence yet communicating with each other just fine.

The environment directly influences the way we evolve (perfect time to bring up environmental awareness but who gives a shit). What if there exists a planet with a  completely different type of environment inhabited by completely different beings? How cool/nightmarish would that be?