I spent 3 hours on a boat with a bearded man

What is Kumarakom, and how do you find it? Easy, you get a map, burn it, and go where the ash takes you. You see, the main reason why I’m blogging today is because I was ghosted by a very attractive woman. I spent 3 hours on a boat with my best friend (very hairy) who is getting married this week. We watched little baby ducks play in the water. It doesn’t get more manlier than this.

Kumarakom, Kerala, India

Now here’s a question. Is the title of this post a click-bait, or are you just a closet-pervert ?


My home is in trouble. My home is flooded. I am far far away. My home(Kerala) needs help. A simple google search will lead you to the government website where you can donate. Kerala is now experiencing a flood that has been called “worst in a century”. 400 people have died since the start of the flood. 1.2 million people are now living in shelters.


What used to look like a peaceful paradise is now a place of tears


I was leaving for work today when a neighbour stopped by to say hi. After peering into my living room, he asked me where my family was. When I told him I wasn’t married, he looked shocked. He said(I kid you not), “this is dangerous. Why aren’t you married? You have to get a wife”. The ridiculousness of the situation made me laugh. I disappointed the only neighbour who ever came to talk to me. I figure most single-people go through this ordeal. However, I can’t deny the fact that deep inside, I do feel a little anxious. I sometimes ask myself,” what the fuck are you doing with your life?”. That’s where the Shadow-people come in. I feel like the shadow-people have found their purpose in life. Maybe I should learn from them. Let me introduce you to the Shadow-people.

I read in the news that the state of Kerala(a.k.a. home sweet home), has got its first ‘Shadow Cabinet’. Now, I didn’t even know what a Shadow Cabinet was, but it got me excited. The moment I hear the word ‘shadow’, I get excited. My mind immediately goes to ‘silent guardian’, ‘watchful protector’, ‘the Dark Knight’, dogs named Shadow, that sort of thing. Apparently, the function of a Shadow cabinet is to keep government decisions/activities under check. It’s sort of a guardian for the people, to protect people’s interests. Upon reading this news, I was reminded of a conversation between two of the most influential people on the planet.

Lisa-“if you’re the police, who will police the police?”

Homer-“I dunno. Coast Guard?

Normally, it is the members of the opposition party that forms the Shadow Cabinet. But in Kerala, it has been formed by everyday-people, people who care about the well being of others( I assume). I think these people will do a great job. But you know what? what do I know? People say I stopped ageing mentally when I was 15. So I could be dead wrong.