Joaquin Phoenix, Joker and relatability

If you have watched Joaquin Phoenix on any talk show, you must have noticed that he’s not the most social kind. I feel like a movie becomes a success when people walk out of the theatre and go,” that felt so real”. Joker was one such movie for me. Sure, its exaggerated, but the movie describes pretty well how a kind, innocent human being can turn into a ruthless killer due to circumstances. Society behaving badly to you is in no way an excuse for you to turn into a criminal, but it is definitely a strong motivator.


I sit in the theater, watching Joker for the second time. The last time I watched it, the person who I was with told me she was a little concerned that I liked the movie so much.

I also realized that I tend to blog more when I’m single. It really helps bring out my dark, miserable side, my best asset. This is what drives me to do stand-up comedy, to act weird in front of people, to be myself.