Joe Rogan

Breaking the bubble

I am somebody who grew up hating the mainstream. When Game of Thrones first came out, I was in on it. Yes, that’s right, I was one of the mighty losers who watched the pilot episode where some of the lead characters were played by different actors. But then it came to point where I would have to wait a year for the next season to come out, plus it became so mainstream that I actually lost interest in watching it. Fortunately, I ended up finishing it recently, and it was probably the best thing I have ever watched on TV. I also hate the hugely successful series called Friends. It got to the point where, if somebody’s Tinder bio mentioned anything remotely related to Friends, I would blindly reject them. The judgement was pretty irrational. The same happened with podcasts. Everybody wouldn’t shut up abut the Joe Rogan Podcast, and I tired watching an episode, and I ended up hating the guy. I just didn’t like his vibe. Fast forward to today, I tried stepping out of my bubble, and giving it another shot. I watched the one with Neil deGrasse Tyson on Spotify, and I have to say, I still disagree with a lot of things he says, but Mr. Rogan is growing on me. Wait… I think I still hate him, it’s just the guest that I liked. Plus, I never knew Spotify had video, so there’s that.