Now, here’s a movie I would never have watched if it weren’t for a ‘fun movie night’.

This film gives me the balls to say NO to every insane fuck who tries to justify insanity with “but it’s tradition!”. Fuck you, and fuck your tradition.

Great visuals. If you recently purchased a new televisione, I highly recommend you use this movie to show it off, and at the same time, give your guests a chance to re-visit what they ate for lunch earlier.

By far the most disturbing thing I have watched on television.


Bus stop-thoughts

It’s raining, it’s dirty, and I have stuff to say. I just watched IT chapter 2 and it got me thinking. Do irrational childhood fears really stay with you for the rest of your life? I know we forget about all of it, but do we really? I mean, how the hell are clowns supposed to be funny? When I look at a clown, I see an underpaid human being dying inside. They might actually be happy people, but that’s just the way I choose to view them. Maybe my eyes seek out pain even in laughter. Maybe they seek out bright colours. Maybe I am the clown.



When the people of the woods saw a light approaching from above, they put out the fire, and head to their huts, everyone but the huntsmen. They blended into the trees, more silent than the leaves, where they waited to face the horror. The blue light came closer, lowered into the trees, and then vanished. The huntsmen gripped their bows tighter, as there was complete silence in the woods. A rustle of leaves was heard dangerously close to the dying fire. Unfortunately for the huntsmen, what could not be seen with their eyes was very much visible to their loyal dogs, which is why a young hunter let out a faint gasp of despair when his four legged friend broke his leash, and bolted towards the dying fire.

Man, I love the Predator.




My mom once jokingly told me that she and my sister are fascinated by the idea of trying to establish contact with the dead, using “magic”. When she told me this, I realized how much she misses my dad. I thought to my self, “it could have been much worse. This isn’t that bad. Its just harmless witchcraft”. But after watching that movie “Hereditary”, FUCK NO.  

I don’t believe in this shit. I am not that kinda guy. If I get an email saying “you have won a free astrology session with world renowned astrologer, Dr. Dolittle”, my first reaction would be to contact my email provider and tell them their spam filter is a piece of shit.

Pool games

Back in the day,  my friends and I used to play this game called ‘watch hunt’, where we would set up a watch to chime once every minute and then drop it into the swimming pool. Whoever found the watch first, won the ultimate prize, which was, a chance to walk back home, safely, without getting beaten up. It was kind of a deep pool. So it was not that easy to win. It was so much fun! Except for this one time, when six of us went down the pool and only five came back up.













It’s just jokes you guys! Don’t be weirded out. All six of us came back up. It’s just that… one of us wasn’t breathing.

For more childhood horror stories, please visit some other blog. Feel free to share some of your own horror stories. Comment below!

This is going to be dark. Relax. They are not going to haunt you through my blog. They prefer movies over blogs for that purpose.

Tombs of Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata