No more advice

Anytime someone asks me advice on what speakers to buy for their living room or car, I go full-on spiritual-leader-style, and ask them to ask themselves what their inner child really wants. Because, what used to happen was, I’ll spend time and energy explaining to them to invest in something that is worth the money, but they’ll go ahead and do whatever they want anyway. I’ll get a text the next day saying they bought something that wasn’t even in the realm of possibilities. I’m talking, poor people buying Mac book Pros type of shit.

I’m going home for Christmas

I almost had to take a loan to get the tickets, but it’s happening. Curiosity will fly over the City of Joy, and land safely in the Queen of the Arabian Sea (that doesn’t sound dirty at all) just in time for Christmas (not that I give a fuck). It’s going to be a lot of fun with the family, and their family, and their family, will make me miss my bachelor pad in no time.  Jokes aside, I miss my folks, and I am excited. Keeping the holiday spirit in mind, here’s a sweet video to bring joy and happiness to your life.