Remember us

Whenever I see a religious statue pop up on a busy street, I feel like we’ve failed as an “intelligent” species, but then again, there exists, a gigantic, Titanium statue of Yuri Gagarin (the first human to travel to outer space), and that thing looks killer! The only difference between the two is that one’s a little less unnecessary than the other. Plus, now we know where to go when the aliens strike. Yuri is going to burst out of that Titanium armour and do some Avengers-style shit.

The Greenland shark

Greenland sharks are the oldest known living vertebrates. Back in 2016, researchers found a Greenland shark who’s age was an estimated 400 years. I know this isn’t very exciting news for us common folk, but imagine 400 years for a second. How old do you think that is? Let me help you get a picture.  

This shark was alive when the Ming dynasty ended. I want you to think about that fact for a moment. Just think about it. How absurd does that sound? 

This shark was alive when the United Kingdom was formed.

This shark was lurking beneath the ocean when the Taj Mahal was being built. 

Holy fuck