I got so much stress at work today, but the lady at the fruit cart slipped in an extra banana into my bag, and I almost cried when I saw it. That’s a beautiful thing she’s done for me. She’s a bitch about giving change but she’s got a great heart.

I went and got a haircut today. I went to the fanciest place I could find, and it still cost me only 70 Rs. It’s like going back in time. I’m pretty sure, if you dig around, you’ll probably be able to find an old British fella, who thinks they’re still in charge. Anyway, you’ve ever been surprised by the barber with water? Some of these barber shops are like going to the water park. It gets me every time. You’ll be deep in thought about your meaningless life, and then he’ll dump a 1 litre bottle on your head with a straight face. He won’t even flinch. Now, if you’re in a men’s salon, and your barber’s a chatty one, chances are his belly will end up brushing against your face from time to time. It somehow amuses him. You can’t move, because if you pull back your head, he’ll cut you. Then we have to endure frivolous conversations about the weather, and the bags underneath your eyes. At the end, if you’re lucky, he’ll offer a head massage, which really is, him taking out the day’s pent up anger, on your head.

Black beauty

My luscious hair has grown so beautifully that I get pleasure out of running my fingers through it. It’s like a black river, but with no fish in it.

A title like ‘black beauty’ assumes that the content would be about a woman/horse of dark complexion, but no. It’s about my hair. It’s all about luring people in with the promise of a great read, and disappointing them. Plus, my hair deserves a post.