The forbidden peacocks of Loras

They were a spectacle to the eyes. A sight, rarely seen in the ancient Kingdom of Loras. A flock of almost mythical peacocks whose story was shrouded in mystery. Feathers as bright as Gold, it was told that they would only appear in spring. Rumours said that sunlight would bounce off their feathers like the women in Garnier hair-colour ads. Scores of mighty kings have tried to get so much as a glance at these other-worldly birds, but none have lived to tell the tale, for the peacocks lived in the sacred garden of Mangoes, where magic and reality blended together as one.

It was a silent hillside, Loras, with their ‘silent’ airports and drive-through Mcdonalds. The men were hunters and black smiths. The women were real estate agents. One day, a messenger came barefoot, carrying a message from far away. The letter was for the king. It read, “The mighty king of Delon has arranged for an expedition to the garden of mangoes to find his brother, who went missing there several years ago. It is requested that the Kingdom of Loras make all necessary arrangements to help us accomplish our mission. This includes security clearances and garden-Wi-Fi “.

To be continued…     

The day I left Earth


I woke up to find myself lying on a lawn in front of someone’s house. I got up to leave but upon seeing something, I suddenly I lost the ability to move my body. You see, a shiny block of metal gently flew down from the sky. It levitated above the lawn. It was about my size and rectangular in shape. No sound. Just the wind, a few birds and leaves. I touched it. It felt cold. I stepped on it. It wobbled a bit. I stood on top of it to see if it was stable. Surprisingly, it was!. It started to rise. I didn’t feel scared though. I didn’t try to get down. It went up slowly. As soon as the trees started to look small I grew scared and stopped looking down. I saw the clouds pass by. It rained a little bit. The floor became slippery. The wind grew stronger and the block started to wobble. So I lay face down and grabbed the sides tightly. Now what could possibly happen that could be worse than the current situation? Things started to get a little worse when the block all of a sudden decided to flip upside down. So now I am desperately trying to hang on while having a panic attack. It felt like all of this was a big mistake. I wanted to go back. I wanted to see my mom.

Somehow I managed to climb back on top of the frikking block. I was so tired that I lay there for a few minutes. Only then did I notice that it had turned dark and I could see the stars. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel scared anymore. I felt eager to see what was outside this world. I wanted to see the gigantic stars up lose. So I lay there waiting. But the block kept going and going. I started to get impatient. I looked back down. I did not like what I saw. I was so caught up in the excitement that I had entirely forgot the fact that I was leaving behind my world. My home was gone. It had faded away into the darkness. I’ll be honest. At this point I really really wanted to go back to my apartment, watch a nice movie and go to bed. I didn’t care if I didn’t have any friends. I didn’t care if I wasn’t getting a raise. I didn’t care if I was stuck in a shitty part of the world. I wanted my boring life back. I just wanted to go home.  

I fell asleep but woke up soon after to find that the block had stopped moving. The stars still looked like they were far away. I was so sad that I tried to reach out to them. To my surprise, they began to move. Like dust in the air, they moved with a wave of my hand. I could almost touch them but they were too light. They kept slipping out of my hand. They had shrunk to the size of tiny grains of sand. I found myself enveloped in darkness and in my hand were tiny stars. I thought to myself,