I learned to meditate from a Yoga teacher who was so slim, you barely noticed he was there. And he would say things like “breathe in breathe out” in a voice that he thought was soothing, but actually sounded like cats fighting. He would always push me to do more, to be better, to start a family, but then one day I met him outside of school, at a restaurant and I wished him good morning at around 6 pm. He never spoke to me since.

My way

It’s nice to add your own uniqueness, that little touch of “you” to whatever it is that you like to do, be it singing or cooking. It brings out the excitement in everything, except when you do Yoga “your” way and end up with such a frikkin bad back ache that you even question the integrity of the mattress that served you so well for the past 3 years.

Channeling anger

I have a lot of suppressed anger. Gigantic explosions compressed and locked away in the bottom of my mind. Lately I noticed that this anger has started to escape in the form of rare, mild eruptions. Sadly, it is the people who I genuinely care about who have to deal with these eruptions of mine. So I decided to channel all this excess anger into a more productive routine. In other words, I decided to let it flow! Boxing of course did the trick. Kick-boxing to be precise. And boy does it feel good!

I know this is only a temporary fix or maybe not even a fix at all but it sure feels damn good! According to my trainer, I am good at it too! Here are a few things that I found useful for training:

This is going to get a little dark so this is probably where you should stop reading and head on over to the other “travel” blogs(I will do the same right after I finish writing this crap).

a) Don’t stop training

b) This one’s typical. Imagine that your punching bag is the person you hate the most. It helps if you have a list of people at hand because the same person everyday gets boring real fast! PS: Keep a check on the amount of hate. Too much will lead to bleeding knuckles, broken nails, a lot of bad stuff.

c) See to it that your trainer is always with you to keep you motivated. (I got a crazy ex-army maniac).

d) Do not fear people. You are the king….okay now its going off topic.

Having said all of this, I would like to reassure the reader that everything is okay with me and everything is gonna be okay with you. Trust me. Here’s a song as proof:

A little science wont hurt: