Words, and the way they sound

Maybe it’s just me, but these words “sound” quite different from their actual meaning.

“Languish” in prison: Doesn’t this word make it sound as if the person is thriving in prison? How’s Mary? Oh! She’s languishing in the pool.

The girl had “eloped” with the man: This straight up sounds like she gave him a blow job.

“altruism”: sounds like either a brain disease or some kind of illegal brewing. What happened to Chuck? Oh, Chuck got caught in that “altruism” scandal.


I just went through some of my old posts and realized how profound and meaningful some of it was, compared to the dick-jokes I do now. Well, that’s because I was happier then. I was a curious young boy. The only responsibility I had was to keep a job. I also feel like the language is limiting me. There are Shakespearean thoughts, but it comes out as early-man sign language. I have a 3 month membership to Audible, and I am going to master the fuck out of this language, starting with The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The voice of Jeremy Irons (narrator) will tingle my senses, and awaken a beast who once terrified illiterates with complex sounding words.


My friend is just starting to get a hang of the English language. So, from time to time I would get texts saying something like, “Hey! How’s your man doing?”, which actually means “Hey! How are you doing, man?”, but just to make things interesting, I would reply with, “Great! He’s lying by my side, waiting for me to request for emotional support. Isn’t he adorable?”