My funny is not your funny? That’s unpossible!

I personally believe that comedy has no boundaries. The moment you put restrictions on comedy, it ceases to be comedy. By putting restrictions on what a comedian can and cannot say, you are limiting the artist’s creativity. That’s why I don’t get people who get offended during stand-up comedy shows.

I went to watch a play, a comedy. It was about a boss and an employee who’s significant others were in “love” with each other. Every time the employee and the boss’s wife  almost got caught cheating, the audience erupted in laughter. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t seem like the most outstanding premise. So I did something “incredible”, something “unheard of” these days. I stood up, and quietly left the building. I did not complain to my friend. I did not take out my phone, and smash light onto other people’s faces. I did not heckle.

My logic was simple. I didn’t find it funny. So I had no reason to stay. It was a weekend, and I wanted to spend my weekend doing things that make me happy. Sensible things, like waiting in line at a bar or staring at the ceiling. I got an unexpected response from my girlfriend at the time, when I told her this story. “It’s kind of funny”, she said. That’s when it it clicked. Those people laughed at something that I didn’t find so funny. So this is what it feels like! Still does not give me any right to interrupt a show, and try to correct the comedian!

Thought for food

People are like chicken, man. You find out a restaurant that makes the best kind of chicken ever possible, so you give them a full, five star rating. Weekend after weekend, you enjoy that delicious grilled goodness until one day, you find raw, uncooked meat underneath all that good stuff. Do you know what that feels like? Betrayal of trust bro 😂.

People are just like that. You never know when they might turn on you. This causes people like us to put up boundaries to avoid getting too close to people. There’s a little evil in everybody, I get that. But sometimes this evil stings so bad man. A friend of mine used to say I’m one of the sensitive lot. Maybe that’s it. Do you ever get that? Do people attack you out of nowhere?

Man is a social animal? Really? Nah!

I am now at a point in my life where I have completely lost the ability to socialize. Yes, its 100% gone. I did it! Woo hoo! Feels great. I feel like I deserve a medal or something. Or a hug. I prefer the hug over the medal actually.

I tried. I gave it my best. How can you conquer something that deep down you know you don’t want? I have begun to really really like not talking to people. I am very happy by myself. Ha ha. But it worries me because I know that’s not good.